Sweeping / vacuuming

Sweeping with adust mop or vacuum cleaner keeps the floor surface free from dust, grit, sand and other abrasive particles. This should be done daily.

Removing stains and marks

Liquid spills can stain wood permanently when they are absorbed into the wood finish. Staining can be prevented by wiping the spillage from the surface immediately after the spill. Where the stain has already gone into the finish, it may be removed by using a floor cleaner approved for use on wood floors the cleaners can be applied using a soft cloth or dusting mop.

Damp mopping

The floor can be mopped with well wrung damp cloth once or twice a week. A floor cleaner may be added to the water for extra cleaning effects.

Avoid water on wood flooring

Take precautions to avoid water ponding on the wood flooring. Do not scrub the wood flooring with machines that induce water under pressure. Check floor rugs for moisture trapped underneath, and dry any immediately.

Humidity and ventilation

It is the natural characteristic of the wood to expand or contract marginally because of humidity and heat in the environment, both of which may cause the wood flooring to warp and/or develop cracks. To minimize the impact of heat from the sun, we recommend that you install blinds or curtains. Also keep
doors open to allow free flow of air and give better ventilation if you have left your rooms or apartments vacant for a long period of time.

Importance of Floor Protectors

Before placing furniture onto the wood flooring, attach floor protectors such as felt pads under furniture legs. This helps to prevent the furniture from scratching the floor surface when moved.

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